Human brain and jigsaw for Alzheimer's disease

This is the first new treatment for Alzheimer’s in nearly 20 years.

For those of us with our eyes on the horizon, anxiously awaiting a cure or a new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, a glimmer of hope has been detected. In a controversial decision made by the FDA this month, aducanumab has become the first new drug approved by the FDA to treat Alzheimer’s in nearly 20 years.

Well known for using an abundance of caution (as recently seen in the pause in the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine), the FDA took a reserved approach to this Alzheimer’s treatment as well. It’s understandable why; in two clinical trials, results were conflicting, with one showing reduced decline in cognition and daily function, and the other showing the exact opposite.

Biogen, the company that developed aducanumab, argues that the results simply reflect the dosage levels of each trial. Those who were given a higher dose of the medication achieved the positive outcome.

Yet it’s not quite that simple to explain the disparity. As the analysis of the data was completed after the trial was over, without an established plan in place prior to the trial, there is the risk of “inadvertently selecting data precisely because those data were consistent with the outcomes that were hoped for,” according to Drs. G. Caleb Alexander, Scott Emerson, and Aaron S. Kesselheim.

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