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Breakthrough discoveries impact Atlanta dementia help for area seniors.

Remarkable research is honing in ever nearer to the eradication of Alzheimer’s disease, this time through two medications already developed and approved by the FDA. This enables accelerated clinical trials and we hope fast-tracking us closer to a treatment.

The first, surprisingly, is a drug utilized to manage HIV. Researchers and scientists are finding that the genetic blueprint in Alzheimer’s patients is altered as the disease advances, very similar to the genetic shuffling which occurs in those with HIV. The idea is that placing a halt to the movement of the particular genes can prevent the development associated with the disease.

As reported by lead investigator Jerold Chun, “For the first time, we can see what may cause the disease. We also uncovered a potential near-term treatment.”

Additionally, researchers at Mount Sinai discovered that medications used to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics, such as metformin, might have an impact on the decrease in the plaques and tangles connected with Alzheimer’s. Although this may be helpful immediately for diabetics with Alzheimer’s who are already taking this medication, additional research is required before testing on Alzheimer’s patients without diabetes as a result of the chance of dangerously low blood sugar levels along with other side effects. Optimistically, the research outcomes add another piece to the puzzle of dementia.

These results “…point us to the biological mechanisms that are being affected by those drugs. Hopefully, now we can find drugs that would have similar effects on the brain without changing the blood sugar levels,” remarked Vahram Haroutunian, professor of psychiatry and neuroscience of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

With nearly six million Americans currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and a forecasted increase to 14 million diagnoses within the next 40 years, it is vital for medical scientists to gain ground on more fully comprehending the cause, effective treatment plans, and eventually a cure, for this disease which has truly grown to be an epidemic.

The professionals in Atlanta dementia care at Atlanta Home Care Partners continue to gauge these along with other breakthroughs, while providing the finest quality care that increases overall wellbeing while providing family members essential peace of mind. Our caregivers are professionally trained and exceptionally skilled in helping manage a number of the more challenging facets of Alzheimer’s disease, such as wandering, aggression, sundowning, inappropriate behaviors, and more. And our objective is always to make sure seniors with dementia are able to live life to its fullest potential, while remaining safe and comfortable at home.

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