Sad elephant sitting on a bench on the glade

Can we learn something about Alzheimer’s from an elephant? Learn more in this article.

The old adage is true: elephants really do have extraordinary memory functioning, even into their later years. For example, they can recall and return to very specific locations decades after visiting them, regardless of age. So what can we glean from elephants that might translate into improving our own cognitive functioning later in life?

Interestingly, older elephants’ brains show no accumulation of the amyloid plaques some researchers are linking to Alzheimer’s. And though other experts tout the need for sufficient sleep to allow the brain the opportunity to clear away plaques, elephants are tromping over that theory, sleeping as little as two hours per day.

But one factor rises above the rest that just might be the key: socialization. Studies increasingly point to the link between isolation and cognitive decline, and the benefit of maintaining strong social connections. Elephants remain socially engaged in close family herds for a lifetime, while our human busyness often prevents the kind of meaningful, sustained interactions we so desperately need.

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