Latest Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Study We are what we eat, or so the saying goes, and now there’s even more evidence to support the correlation between our dietary habits and our health and wellbeing. Research is showing a surprising link between following a gut-healthy diet and potential Alzheimer’s disease prevention.

The fascinating study documented a connection between the likelihood of brain plaque development in mice with a known gut bacteria, compared to bacteria-free mice. Because we know there’s a connection between the digestive tract and the immune system, it leads to reason that targeting this gut bacteria (through a diet of plant-based whole foods and probiotics) may greatly impact the immune system, and thus Alzheimer’s, which has already been linked to the bacteria in previous studies.

Author of the study, Dr. Frida Fak Hållenius of Lund University in Sweden believes, “Alzheimer’s is a preventable disease and in the near future we will likely be able to give advice on what to eat to prevent it. Take care of your gut bacteria, by eating lots of whole-grains, fruits and vegetables.”

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