dementia home care Among the many challenges of providing care for a loved one with dementia, there’s one in particular that too often goes unmentioned: the digging-in-of-the-heels when there’s a need to leave home for a medical appointment, therapy or other important activity. Experienced by many with dementia is the fear of leaving the familiar and venturing into an unknown – and due to the very nature of dementia, sadly, even the familiar can quickly become unknown.

To help ease these battles and accomplish what needs to be done with a greater deal of peace, try these tips:

  • Choose your battles. Is the outing negotiable? Naturally, if it’s a scheduled appointment, simply skipping that appointment isn’t the best option. If it’s possible, however, to rearrange your plans to a day when the senior might be more agreeable, by all means, do so.
  • Choose the best time. All of us have times of the day when we’re feeling at our best, and those with dementia are no exception. Schedule appointments and other outings during times when transitions may be easiest, avoiding times that you know to be more difficult, such as during routine nap times.
  • Choose to be creative. If the senior is especially fond of ice cream, encourage her to join you with the promise of a cone. Use creativity to try to incorporate whatever most interests the senior into the outing in some way to turn complaints into compliance.

Atlanta Home Care Partners’ specially trained and fully experienced dementia home care caregivers have plenty of tried and true methods for diffusing difficult encounters and restoring a sense of calm, through an extra dose of patience, persistence, and even a little humor. Have a loved one living with Alzheimer’s in Atlanta? Contact Atlanta Home Care Partners for more tips!