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Many of today’s older adults grew up in the Great Depression. During that time, they had to learn how to pinch pennies and live economically.  Frugality was embedded in many of them at an early age and often remains firmly… Read More
reminiscence therapy
We take it for granted that memory loss comes with dementia. Yet it’s important to realize that long-term memory often remains intact long into the progression of the disease. So, helping someone with dementia tap into those old memories is… Read More
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As soon as you stepped out of bed this morning until the time you climbed back in, you’ve been giving your best to the aging loved one you care for as a family caregiver. You provided help with showering and… Read More
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Just by paying attention to small children interacting with each other at the park, you can see how quickly some friendships can form. A small group may be playing hide-and-seek, and a newcomer dashes over with a breathless, “Can I… Read More
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Confusion. Trouble with concentrating. Short-term memory problems. Could these be signs of Alzheimer’s? Possibly; but if you are a cancer survivor, there is another common culprit that might be at play: chemo brain from chemotherapy. Known as chemotherapy induced cognitive… Read More
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Ideally, all of our interactions with our family members would be positive and helpful. We would handle transitional times smoothly, cooperatively, and with virtually no disagreement. And as our parents continued to age, the process of satisfying their care needs… Read More
Many of us are making notes for ourselves all the time: to-do reminders, shopping lists, meetings, appointments, events…the list goes on and on. If you’re a family caregiver, you have additional reasons for writing, while you manage another person’s life… Read More
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss, The Lorax Being an advocate for someone you love is one of the biggest honors – and responsibilities – you’ll… Read More
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It’s often taken for granted that if someone receives an Alzheimer’s diagnosis or a diagnosis of another related dementia that they have no choice but to move into a nursing home or receive around the clock home care. After all,… Read More
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After almost 80 years and a multitude of scientific studies to produce the result: a good genetic makeup and wealth really have little to do with maintaining a joyful life as you age. The Harvard Study of Adult Development launched… Read More