Alzheimer's care atlanta
Scientists are shedding some new light on methods to potentially impact Alzheimer’s disease: light therapy. The benefits of light are only just beginning to be tapped into, and already are demonstrating some intriguing and encouraging results. For example, MIT analysts… Read More
heart attack
Sometime this year, someone you love may experience a heart attack. How will this change your lives? What information will you need to know? How can you help? The many questions of how your everyday lives will be changed can… Read More
Older Adult Etiquette
Young man, honey, dear – terms of endearment such as these could be appreciated when said by our significant other or when directed to our very young children, but how do senior citizens respond to them? In a word, many… Read More
home care costs
Pick a senior, any senior, and you’re likely to hear the same sentiments: the vast majority of older adults agree that they’d prefer to spend their elder years at home over moving to a nursing home facility. However, there are… Read More
Atlanta Caregivers
Atlanta caregivers, and family caregivers across the country, are “routinely marginalized and ignored within the health care system.” So says the latest report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. With around 18 million family members providing care… Read More
Care for Seniors Altanta
Because seniors typically take anywhere from 15 to 18 different prescriptions on any given day, it isn’t hard to see how errors and skipped doses can occur, but were you aware of the health risks that happen because of those… Read More
Dementia Care
We’re always thrilled to share the latest dementia care news and developments in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease, but none have looked quite so promising as the latest: aducanumab. In its first clinical trial, scientists observed a significant decrease in… Read More
dementia symptoms
Mom looks to be a tad bit confused lately. A while back, she mistakenly used salt rather than sugar in her legendary oatmeal cookie recipe. She called the cat by my sister’s name. And she misplaced her handbag, only to… Read More
senior care in atlanta
It’s here: we’ve approached the season of sweet treats! From snowman cookies to tasty pies to candy canes and chocolate mint cocoa, it’s really hard to overlook the array of sweet goodies that bombard us, and the pleasant experiences they… Read More
in home care services
Whenever finger pricks, sugar ranges, and insulin injections are on your mind, have faith, diabetics: the Food and Drug Administration has recently approved the first artificial pancreas – a hybrid closed-loop system that includes an insulin pump accompanied by a… Read More