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Many of today’s older adults grew up in the Great Depression. During that time, they had to learn how to pinch pennies and live economically.  Frugality was embedded in many of them at an early age and often remains firmly… Read More
Depressed senior man sitting with female carer
It’s a conflict that arises for many families: older adults adamantly want to age in place at home, while their loved ones worry about their safety. And there’s an argument to be made in both instances. Older adults, particularly those… Read More
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The latest recommendations issued by the Alzheimer’s Association for dementia care are in: using individually-based, non-medication treatment options are best to manage behavioral issues associated with dementia. When behaviors change in an individual and a person exhibits sundowning, agitation, aggression,… Read More
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Remember weekend dinners at Grandma and Grandpa’s, when the whole family came together around the table to share a hearty meal, conversations, and laughter? Regrettably, with many families now living at a distance from their older family members, along with… Read More
Mature Woman Helping Senior Neighbor With Home Finances
It’s a sensitive topic to go over with aging parents, but one that has to be resolved sooner rather than later: finances. Many adult children are reluctant to muddle with parents’ financial matters until there is an obvious need, but… Read More
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Do you recall how hard it could be when you were young to learn the lesson of sharing with your siblings? Though the incredible importance of thinking about other people’s feelings, in addition to being fair, was impressed upon us… Read More