Many of us will be faced with finding in home care for a loved one. Learn more about great In-home Care Solutions from Atlanta Home Care Partners.

What motivates you to get out of bed each morning? The answer is different for every single one of us, of course, but there’s one commonality: it may help you to live longer. Research is showing us that having a… Read More
If you knew that a better quality of life could be achieved for a loved one, you would not think twice about exploring that option. Yet one of the most beneficial forms of care – hospice care – is one… Read More
Forgetful Senior Man With Dementia Looking In Cupboard At Home
Digging through boxes, cabinets, and closets, taking out odds and ends from drawers, and sorting repetitively through a variety of items might be frustrating for the people providing care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. However, these actions have a… Read More
senior couple driving vintage car
Have you ever experienced that jolt of a distant memory that suddenly pops to the forefront of your mind, perhaps through a song, a scent, an image from the past? For those with Alzheimer’s disease, the strength of long-term memory… Read More
Tips For Doctors Appt
On any given day, a doctor likely has close to 20 patients to see – in addition to telephone calls, paperwork, and other administrative duties. It leaves very little time spent with each individual, which is why it is imperative… Read More
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“I do NOT have Alzheimer’s disease! There’s nothing wrong with me!” If you’ve heard a senior loved one with dementia frustratingly voice this or perhaps a similar type of sentiment, you might have thought that individual was simply in denial… Read More
Smiling Mature nurse embracing senior woman and holding a Christmas gift while sitting on the sofa.
Living far apart makes it hard to visit our aging parents as often as we would wish, but when the holiday season is here, families make it a priority to spend quality time together – making it the perfect opportunity… Read More
Young female and mature women drinking tea and talking
Let’s be genuine: providing senior care in Buckhead, GA for an elderly family member can become draining, frustrating, and isolating. When care requirements advance, specifically when a chronic condition like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease is at play, family caregivers might… Read More
Shot of a mature married couple having an argument
Even if we’d prefer to turn a blind eye to it, family friction is actually prevalent in some way for most people, and in a period of crisis, such as while in the midst of providing care for aging parents,… Read More
Family Caregivers
Perhaps your family rivals those on Walton’s Mountain in its unconditional love, unwavering patience with one another, and determination to stick together through thick and thin. But if your family members are similar to most, there’s definitely some degree of… Read More