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Happy senior woman painting an image at home
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to understanding the thoughts and emotions of someone with dementia, no truer words have been spoken. Artistic expression is important for each and every one of us,… Read More
Sad elephant sitting on a bench on the glade
The old adage is true: elephants really do have extraordinary memory functioning, even into their later years. For example, they can recall and return to very specific locations decades after visiting them, regardless of age. So what can we glean… Read More
Senior couple looking at medication bottles.
As the expression goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That could easily be applied to the recent information in Alzheimer’s news about the increase of corporations offering alternative supplements, dietary programs, and herbal concoctions… Read More
Senior woman in hospital bed
For older adults, undergoing medical procedures usually includes some inherent risks, but there’s a little-known effect impacting a significant number of seniors after surgery that people need to be conscious of: POCD (postoperative cognitive dysfunction). POCD occurs in more than… Read More
dementia care atlanta
The latest recommendations issued by the Alzheimer’s Association for dementia care are in: using individually-based, non-medication treatment options are best to manage behavioral issues associated with dementia. When behaviors change in an individual and a person exhibits sundowning, agitation, aggression,… Read More
Elderly asian woman bored with food
Remember weekend dinners at Grandma and Grandpa’s, when the whole family came together around the table to share a hearty meal, conversations, and laughter? Regrettably, with many families now living at a distance from their older family members, along with… Read More
Neurology Questions
Those of us who follow the latest research in the search for an Alzheimer’s cure are all too familiar with the troublesome amyloid plaques thought to be linked to Alzheimer’s. But could it possibly be that those plaques are actually… Read More
Senior man eating vegetables on patio
The remarkable research of the latest AARP study is in: those that maintain a balanced and healthy diet are twice as likely to consider their brain health and functionality to be very good or excellent compared to people who rarely… Read More
Blind person holding white cane
Impacting millions of Americans, vision loss is as varied as the people who experience it – from simply the need to don a pair of reading glasses to scan through the morning newspaper, to complete blindness. And it’s a lot… Read More
home health care dunwoody
“I do NOT have Alzheimer’s disease! There’s nothing wrong with me!” If you’ve heard a senior loved one with dementia frustratingly voice this or perhaps a similar type of sentiment, you might have thought that individual was simply in denial… Read More