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Discussing an Elderly Parent's Ability to Drive a Car
It is one of the more troublesome decisions we must confront in older years, and an exceptionally delicate subject for adult children to broach with their senior parents: relinquishing the car keys. Driving a vehicle, while creating an inherent experience… Read More
Mature radiologist talking to senior patient.
We desire the most beneficial medical care for our family and friends, but is it feasible that on occasion, less is the most beneficial? As demonstrated by a recent report published in Plos One by Dr. Martin Makary, professor of… Read More
Young female and mature women drinking tea and talking
Let’s be genuine: providing senior care in Buckhead, GA for an elderly family member can become draining, frustrating, and isolating. When care requirements advance, specifically when a chronic condition like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease is at play, family caregivers might… Read More
Surfing the internet
The world of Alzheimer’s disease research is broadening, and today there’s a way each of us can bring about the discovery of a cure. Through an online game, Stall Catchers, many people are devoting countless hours going through slides of… Read More
Senior Man Exercising Outdoors with Dumbells
Aging requires adapting to a great many changes, and the way we look after our bodies is among the most meaningful ones. We realize the necessity of staying physically active, but might not know that the old tried-and-true exercising techniques… Read More
senior home exercising
Here’s some encouraging news for anyone with peripheral artery disease (PAD), a debilitating condition which can result from smoking or diabetes and can increase a person’s chance of developing a heart attack or stroke, and in some cases resulting in… Read More
Elderly woman sitting at the table and types on laptop.
The online world provides us with immediate responses to almost any question we are able to imagine, learning opportunities beyond what we might have thought of a generation previously, socialization enhancement, and so much more. Among the most enjoyable online… Read More
Senior Woman in bed
Imagine heading to the hospital for a routine procedure, only to wake up from the anesthesia with horrific – and recurring – feelings of mental fogginess, paranoia, hallucinations, and the inability to speak coherently. Imagine these sensations coming and going… Read More
Senior Couple Consulting Doctor
In a perfect world, the patient experience would focus on you and your own preferences, sticking to your specific needs and wishes – fitting into your agenda and routine, unhindered by issues such as an unwavering healthcare professional who sees… Read More
Family Caregivers
Perhaps your family rivals those on Walton’s Mountain in its unconditional love, unwavering patience with one another, and determination to stick together through thick and thin. But if your family members are similar to most, there’s definitely some degree of… Read More