If your parents, or another loved one, are facing Parkinson’s Disease, we know that can be difficult. We have put together resources for In home care Atlanta.

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The latest recommendations issued by the Alzheimer’s Association for dementia care are in: using individually-based, non-medication treatment options are best to manage behavioral issues associated with dementia. When behaviors change in an individual and a person exhibits sundowning, agitation, aggression,… Read More
Neurology Questions
Those of us who follow the latest research in the search for an Alzheimer’s cure are all too familiar with the troublesome amyloid plaques thought to be linked to Alzheimer’s. But could it possibly be that those plaques are actually… Read More
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“I do NOT have Alzheimer’s disease! There’s nothing wrong with me!” If you’ve heard a senior loved one with dementia frustratingly voice this or perhaps a similar type of sentiment, you might have thought that individual was simply in denial… Read More
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Let’s be genuine: providing senior care in Buckhead, GA for an elderly family member can become draining, frustrating, and isolating. When care requirements advance, specifically when a chronic condition like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease is at play, family caregivers might… Read More
Surfing the internet
The world of Alzheimer’s disease research is broadening, and today there’s a way each of us can bring about the discovery of a cure. Through an online game, Stall Catchers, many people are devoting countless hours going through slides of… Read More
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Imagine heading to the hospital for a routine procedure, only to wake up from the anesthesia with horrific – and recurring – feelings of mental fogginess, paranoia, hallucinations, and the inability to speak coherently. Imagine these sensations coming and going… Read More
Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
What if there was a medication that could treat not just one, but multiple devastating diseases: leukemia, Alzheimer’s/dementia, and Parkinson’s? At Georgetown University Medical Center, researchers are hopeful that nilotinib is that medication. Currently approved to use in those with… Read More
Stroke recovery
In a new, ongoing trial, deep-brain stimulation – more commonly used for Parkinson’s patients – is being tested on patients after a stroke. Doctors are hoping that the process, which involves implanting an electrode that stimulates a particular area of… Read More