Are you a family caregiver who just needs a little help so you can get some rest?
Our home care services, Atlanta, includes respite care which can help you and your loved one.

senior woman looks disparagingly at the camera
In an ideal world, we could neatly compartmentalize our caregiving duties, sticking to a routine that met the needs of a senior loved one, while allowing the time required to manage our myriad of other responsibilities. But of course, life… Read More
happy senior woman making a heart shape with her hands
Times of crisis may sometimes bring out both the best and the worst in us. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have heard stories of individuals hoarding items and selling them for profit, together with stories of people who selflessly met… Read More
Looking back on their love-filled years together
Receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is life-altering – for the person being diagnosed, of course, but just as much for his or her loved ones. It’s important for family caregivers to allow themselves ample time to process the changes… Read More
Spending time with grandma
It can be just a little intimidating to understand what to say and just how to behave when spending time with a family member with Alzheimer’s disease. And, sadly, because of a few inherent symptoms of the disease, commonly family… Read More
Beautiful Woman
“It just hasn’t been a good day,” we sometimes mourn, shrugging our shoulders hopelessly. Naturally, occasionally things happen that are totally out of your control, plus some days they seem to happen at exactly the same time – making us… Read More
Shocking news.
Honesty is always the best policy, right? However, there are times when some truths are better left unsaid or at least worded more positively, particularly when communicating with aging loved ones. Although we might have the very best of intentions… Read More
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Do you recall how hard it could be when you were young to learn the lesson of sharing with your siblings? Though the incredible importance of thinking about other people’s feelings, in addition to being fair, was impressed upon us… Read More
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“I do NOT have Alzheimer’s disease! There’s nothing wrong with me!” If you’ve heard a senior loved one with dementia frustratingly voice this or perhaps a similar type of sentiment, you might have thought that individual was simply in denial… Read More
Atlanta Caregivers
Atlanta caregivers, and family caregivers across the country, are “routinely marginalized and ignored within the health care system.” So says the latest report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. With around 18 million family members providing care… Read More
Atlanta Caregivers
We’re a do-it-yourself culture; one that truly values self-reliance, and applauds men and women who pull themselves up by their bootstraps and take care of just about everything independently. Even so reality is, there are some things we simply can’t… Read More