As we get older we have to stay healthy and active. Atlanta Home Care Partners has put together senior exercise information to help you or your aging loved one.

Smiling nurse helping senior lady to walk around the nursing home. Portrait of happy female caregiver and senior woman walking together at home. Professional caregiver taking care of elderly woman.
While circus clowns and comedians may stir audiences to laughter over such stunts as slipping on a banana peel, there’s nothing funny about falling when it comes to senior loved ones, who are at a greater risk for serious injuries… Read More
Lonely, Senior Woman Sitting by Window with Eyes Closed
With well over 325 million people living in the U.S. alone, it’s not easy to think that loneliness could be so common. Nonetheless, over 50% of the elderly live alone, and more than a million of them are estimated to… Read More
Senior Couple on Scooter
A quick Google search for the word “aging” returns topics such as “coping with aging,” “what you can do about aging,” and even “the cure to aging.” The negative connotations to growing older are, sadly, so ingrained in our culture… Read More
Happy funny senior couple playing hulahop in park
Remember that feeling as a young child as soon as the school bell rang, signifying the end of grammar and the beginning of the best part of the day: recess? There was an immense sensation of freedom dashing out onto… Read More
Elderly asian woman bored with food
Remember weekend dinners at Grandma and Grandpa’s, when the whole family came together around the table to share a hearty meal, conversations, and laughter? Regrettably, with many families now living at a distance from their older family members, along with… Read More
Senior man eating vegetables on patio
The remarkable research of the latest AARP study is in: those that maintain a balanced and healthy diet are twice as likely to consider their brain health and functionality to be very good or excellent compared to people who rarely… Read More
Beautiful Woman
“It just hasn’t been a good day,” we sometimes mourn, shrugging our shoulders hopelessly. Naturally, occasionally things happen that are totally out of your control, plus some days they seem to happen at exactly the same time – making us… Read More
Discussing an Elderly Parent's Ability to Drive a Car
It is one of the more troublesome decisions we must confront in older years, and an exceptionally delicate subject for adult children to broach with their senior parents: relinquishing the car keys. Driving a vehicle, while creating an inherent experience… Read More
Senior Man Exercising Outdoors with Dumbells
Aging requires adapting to a great many changes, and the way we look after our bodies is among the most meaningful ones. We realize the necessity of staying physically active, but might not know that the old tried-and-true exercising techniques… Read More
senior home exercising
Here’s some encouraging news for anyone with peripheral artery disease (PAD), a debilitating condition which can result from smoking or diabetes and can increase a person’s chance of developing a heart attack or stroke, and in some cases resulting in… Read More