Home Care Atlanta It’s here: we’ve approached the season of sweet treats! From snowman cookies to tasty pies to candy canes and chocolate mint cocoa, it’s really hard to overlook the array of sweet goodies that bombard us, and the pleasant experiences they evoke, especially near the holidays. But what end result does this increase in sugar consumption have on our health and wellbeing, especially for elderly people?

Sugar’s addictive qualities are acknowledged. It releases dopamine while triggering the reward part of the brain. When too much is eaten, we develop a tolerance to these effects, requiring even more sugar – a vicious cycle.

And as if that weren’t concerning enough, added sugar (as opposed to naturally-occurring sugar) has been described as a toxin that advances inflammation and heightens risk of obesity, coronary disease, and perhaps even breast cancer. For mature adults, too much sugar can increase cognitive impairment and generate complications with the chronic conditions that a great many have trouble with.

We don’t want to steal the holiday joy from seniors, but it’s important to bear in mind there are certainly healthier, yet still festive treats. Contact Come Care Atlanta provider, Atlanta Home Care Partners, at 404-228-0103 for top rated senior care in Atlanta. We can provide assistance in producing nutritious, fabulous dishes that conform to dietary plans without compromising one’s wellness, along with a full range of in-home care services.