Family Caregivers

Family CaregiversPerhaps your family rivals those on Walton’s Mountain in its unconditional love, unwavering patience with one another, and determination to stick together through thick and thin. But if your family members are similar to most, there’s definitely some degree of dysfunction, some lingering mulish sibling rivalry, as well as some residual competitiveness to be Mom’s and Dad’s favorite. As care needs increase in looking after elderly parents, the family once again has to band together to support them. Unfortunately, though, old childhood hurts can resurface and family dynamics can be exacerbated.

Clinical psychologist Craig Grether shares, “When there is a family crisis with a parent, the adult children, no matter how educated they are, no matter how successful, with a variety of life experiences, they regress to the same dynamic of whatever was going on when they were 7, 8, 10, 12 years old.”

The truth is, around 40% of family caregivers are experiencing intense family clashes, and 65% believe that health care needs end up being unequally balanced among siblings. Discord usually develops any time there’s a notion that one family member isn’t pulling his or her weight in relation to meeting the proper care demands of an elderly loved one – reigniting any earlier family dynamic issues that until this point may seem to have been buried. With family care providers at risk for such concerns as depressive disorders, alcohol or other substance abuse, insomnia, and career challenges, it’s easy to understand how quickly emotions can surface between family members.

How can family members band together and create a plan of care that’s fair to all? The conclusion: sometimes it’s simply not possible, and it’s important to come to a place of acceptance that your younger brother may not be able, for whatever reason, to handle taking care of Dad at the level you’d like. Releasing preconceived expectations as well as any feelings of resentment is vital to finding peace for yourself and being able to focus on giving the best care for your elderly family member.

No matter what your family’s dynamics, Atlanta Home Care Partners is on hand to provide a steady, trustworthy resource to make certain that all care requirements are entirely fulfilled at all times. We work together with family members who are looking after elderly parents to help fill in the gaps in caregiving, allowing them to focus on spending quality time with each other and alleviating the anxiety often connected with meeting a senior loved one’s everyday needs. Contact us online or call us at (404) 228-0103 to find out more about how we can assist you with home care in Atlanta.