Studies show that when given the choice, most elderly individuals would likely choose to age in place at home as opposed to moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Home is familiar and comfortable and has been proven to enhance recuperation. However, home care is not always the best care situation for everyone.

Some factors to consider when determining whether home care or assisted living is best for the situation include:

  • Culture: In some cultures, family members rally around their elders to assist with care needs, while in others, family members may place a higher importance on helping to support the elder financially.
  • Finances: It is very important to understand the amount and kind of care the senior can afford before making any decisions. Consider questions like, “Can you afford to pay for care out of pocket? Is there a family member who can help pay for in-home care?”
  • Support: The support system that the senior has can also help determine the type of care he or she needs. Is there someone who can help the senior with activities of daily living? Are neighbors and friends available and willing to assist?
  • Immediate Care: What level of care does the senior currently need? Is the condition temporary or degenerative? These questions can help you determine whether care at home is a possibility.
  • Mental Status: It is much easier to care for a mentally sharp but physically frail person at home than it is to care for a cognitively impaired but physically active person.

Check out our informational flyer for further assistance in making a decision to remain at home for care or move elsewhere.

Bear in mind that there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to home care in Atlanta, GA . The staff at Atlanta Home Care Partners, servicing the metro Atlanta area, are happy to help you determine what type of care is best for your loved one. Contact us at 404-228-0103 for assistance from a caregiver Atlanta, GA families trust.