It’s common for seniors to feel uncomfortable with the idea of needing a hand around the house, and they may also object to having an in-home caregiver. Even though home care services can help seniors maintain and enhance their independence, oftentimes the fear of losing independence will make seniors try to cover up their care needs.

Caregivers employed at Atlanta Home Care Partners, Inc. are carefully screened through a rigorous, multi-step process, and all are bonded and insured. Clients and caregivers are matched using specific criteria, which are discussed at length during the initial home care assessment and in-home safety check. And, we send the same caregivers for each visit—no one new enters the home until a personal introduction occurs with a care manager or owner present.

For a smoother introduction to in-home care, try some of the following tips:

  • If the senior is afraid of having someone he or she doesn’t know in the home, consider having a family member present for the first few visits.
  • Search for a caregiver who shares interests with the senior, like church or hobbies. This can make having a caregiver seem more like a friendship.
  • Make in-home care seem more attractive by laying out the alternatives for the senior, like having to move away from home, moving into an assisted living facility, etc.
  • Make it about you. Let the senior know that you know he or she is very independent, but having someone around will help you worry less.

Understand that this phase of life is a vulnerable one for most people. Have serious talks with your loved ones about their options and know that it might take a few conversations before anything is agreed upon. Servicing Atlanta and surrounding areas, Atlanta Home Care Partners is your home care Atlanta provider here to walk you through these difficult situations. Contact us today at 404-228-0103 to learn more about our in-home care solutions.