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Web Resources:

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Hypothermia Info

The City of Boston informs older adults that “Cold Weather Spells Danger” through a hypothermia-related handout, available as a PDF.

American Red Cross Tornado Information

The American Red Cross has several suggestions to keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible when a tornado strikes.

FDA Suggestions Regarding Food-Borne Illnesses

The elderly with weakened immune systems are especially at risk of food-borne illnesses, and present special food safety challenges.

Center for Disease Control

The CDC Web site is easily accessed for monitoring waves of influenza as they occur.

Department of Homeland Security

Disaster preparedness information and resources, including specific ways to prepare a disaster plan that meets the needs of today’s older Americans. (download pdf).

Council for Excellence in Government

Find out what your Readiness Quotient is when it comes to preparing for emergency situations. This Web site is a great tool to help individuals, families and communities determine and evaluate their readiness.

American Red Cross

Disaster preparedness suggestions including great input from seniors who have had experiences with emergencies.

Disaster Preparedness for Seniors by Seniors

This PDF from the Red Cross can help seniors plan and prepare themselves for unexpected emergencies, such as neighborhood evacuations, loss of water, gas, or electricity, etc.

Be Prepared with These Kits

This Web site offers a complete line of emergency preparedness, earthquake preparedness, hurricane preparedness, disaster survival, and first aid kits. Their products contain essential items recommended for survival kits by F.E.M.A. and The American Red Cross.