doctor showing senior man medication schedule

Help your aging parent overcome resistance to medical care with this strategy.

Let’s face it: lots of us put off going to the doctor’s office. It may be awkward and downright frightening when something is wrong and we are looking at the prospect of an unwanted diagnosis. All the same, we understand it’s sensible to accomplish what is best for our health, as well as be conscientious about receiving essential health care.

For aging parents and other senior loved ones, various other factors come into play as well, commonly leading to the decision to skip that check-up or follow-up appointment, even if it’s undoubtedly not in their best interest. Whenever a senior loved one digs in her heels, refusing to see the doctor, it is beneficial to first understand why the resistance is occurring, to deal with those concerns, and be able to know how best to provide encouragement.

One of the primary reasons seniors shun healthcare appointments and procedures is fear. It might seem better and easier just to disregard symptoms and hope they’ll resolve themselves on their own. For other people, the concern could be financial. Or they may want to avoid the embarrassment of being reminded of a weight problem, or to acknowledge living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Regardless of the reason, the bottom line is that it’s vital for older adults to address their health, which calls for routine medical examinations and staying proactive in bringing to light any worries. So as an adult child, how can you best help overcome your parent’s objections to seeing the doctor?

At Atlanta Home Care Partners, we’ve discovered that perhaps the most worthwhile approach to convince aging parents to take care of themselves is by their adult children discussing what it means to them. Our parents have cared for us all of our lives, and would like what is best for us. Discussing your point of view can make a difference towards convincing them of the need and ultimately helping them to stay healthy. For instance, try initiating the conversation like this:

“Mom, the pain you’ve been suffering from in your wrist is truly concerning me. Can we go and have that checked out so that I can stop worrying?”

You could be surprised at how readily your aging parent will agree, understanding that it will also help you. Should you continue to struggle with assisting your family member in being aware of the need for proper medical care, turn to Atlanta Home Care Partners. We’re knowledgeable in assisting Atlanta families with navigating the frequently challenging transition to agree to help at home, and sometimes the advice of an experienced, unbiased 3rd party can make an enormous amount of difference in alleviating worries and moving the focus to the many advantages of in-home care. Contact us online or call us any time at (404) 228-0103 to learn more about how we provide the kind of services for in home care Atlanta area families recommend the most!