Dementia Care Atlanta
Our story began in 2003, when Executive Vice President, Lewis Mann, received a call from his mother, asking him to come home for a discussion. It was then that she revealed her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Little did he know the heartache, frustration or sadness of the journey he and his family were about to embark on, but they soon realized, thanks to his father (the original “Alzheimer’s Whisperer”) the need for his family to change their behaviors and responses to the behaviors his mother was no longer able to control.

From this simple but powerful story, Atlanta Home Care Partners, Inc. was born with a mission of providing dignity and preserving peace of mind for families as our clients age, with a specialized expertise in highly skilled, compassionate dementia care.

At Atlanta Home Care Partners, Inc., we understand what a dementia or an Alzheimer’s diagnosis means—it instantly changes your loved one’s world and yours in many ways.

In our experience, most people suffering from dementia experience frustration and behavior issues every three to four hours that occur from the brain’s fixation on something. The fixation presents itself differently in each person. Breaking the fixation is a critical component to prevent frustration and dangerous behaviors.

Experience, specialized training, and an Arts and Music Enrichment Program enhance our dementia care Atlanta services.

We are Alzheimer’s Whisperers®

dementia care Atlanta

Alzheimer’s Atlanta: Dr. Carson training our staff.

Our team has been certified in the Alzheimer’s Whisperer® training program, developed by Dr. Verna Carson and recognized by the American Psychiatric Nurses Association as part of their best practices in dementia care. The Alzheimer’s Whisperer® program teaches a compassionate approach to caring for Alzheimer’s and dementia clients that is flexible, creative, and easy for caregivers to learn.

During the Alzheimer’s Whisperer® training session, caregivers learn a unique curriculum of strategies on how to effectively manage challenging behaviors associated with dementia, like:

  • Aggression
  • Agitation
  • Wandering
  • Depression
  • Safety issues
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • And more

With this specialized training under their belts, our caregivers are uniquely equipped to assist the families of our Alzheimer’s and dementia clients by helping them understand and apply the Alzheimer’s Whisperer® techniques with their loved ones.

Arts and Music Enrichment Program

Alzheimers care

Lewis and Cheryl Mann singing old familiar gospel tunes with client Skip.

Atlanta Home Care Partners’ caregivers are sensitive to the journey each person takes through life. To meet the needs of our clients with memory impairment we have developed an Arts and Music Enrichment Program (AME) that allows individuals to enjoy creative activities and experience the stimulation they need to break fixations and reduce frustration. Through our AME program, we explore the interests of the individual and pairs them with activities.

Activities can be customized to individual clients and may include:

  • Art: Scrapbooks, portraits, photography, video, memoirs, art and craft lessons/projects
  • Music: Piano, guitar, singing, in-home performances
  • Creative Outings: Trips to museums/exhibits, movies, parks, celebrations, performances and other events and opportunities in the community (such as the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Piedmont Park Festivals, Atlanta Ballet…), restaurants, seasonal attractions, and Senior Council meetings

In-home dementia care allows Atlanta seniors to refresh and reinforce their pattern of behavior every day. Visit our ever-expanding resource library for dementia care tips and strategies.