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Friendly old senior wears a mask to protect against viruses and bacteria
Loneliness. Isolation. Confusion. These feelings have become commonplace for many of us during the COVID-19 pandemic, but when you add in the element of dementia, the challenges and frustrations are elevated to a whole new level.… Read More
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The Alzheimer’s Association has issued its 2019 Facts and Figures Report, and with a full 5.8 million Americans presently diagnosed with the disease – and one out of every ten older individuals – it is important for all of us… Read More
daughter visiting her senior mother in hospital
Although scores of senior loved ones are struggling with the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease, a far greater number of family members are trying to cope with taking care of them. Interestingly, nearly 75% of family care providers are managing their… Read More
Caring for Someone with Dementia?
“Home is where the heart is;” but what if the person you love has dementia and says, “I want to go home” when he or she is already home? Sadly, if you are caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s… Read More
Latest Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Study
We are what we eat, or so the saying goes, and now there’s even more evidence to support the correlation between our dietary habits and our health and wellbeing. Research is showing a surprising link between following a gut-healthy diet… Read More
Bright Side to Alzheimer’s Disease
Bringing up the topic of “Alzheimer’s disease” at your next summer pool party is a sure fire way to turn a festive atmosphere into a subdued atmosphere. We’ve long been told (and perhaps witnessed firsthand) all of the negative connotations… Read More
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Although a cure for Alzheimer’s disease has been elusive, with so many exciting developments discarded for their ineffectiveness at reversing or even impacting the existence of the disease (more than 99% of them, in fact, and a full 100% failing… Read More
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Scientists are shedding some new light on methods to potentially impact Alzheimer’s disease: light therapy. The benefits of light are only just beginning to be tapped into, and already are demonstrating some intriguing and encouraging results. For example, MIT analysts… Read More
Dementia Care
We’re always thrilled to share the latest dementia care news and developments in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease, but none have looked quite so promising as the latest: aducanumab. In its first clinical trial, scientists observed a significant decrease in… Read More