“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss, The Lorax Being an advocate for someone you love is one of the biggest honors – and responsibilities – you’ll… Read More
Granddaughter giving a surprise gift to grandmother
Primary caregivers for those with Alzheimer’s disease are often all too familiar with the complications experienced in trying to take a quiet moment or two alone – to use the bathroom, get a quick shower, or even walk into another… Read More
senior care Atlanta
The Alzheimer’s Association has issued its 2019 Facts and Figures Report, and with a full 5.8 million Americans presently diagnosed with the disease – and one out of every ten older individuals – it is important for all of us… Read More
Two senior women hugging
In some cases, the best lessons in life come about through experiencing them firsthand; yet the knowledge we are able to glean from those who have traveled an identical road before us is priceless. If you’re providing care for a… Read More
Alzheimer's Clinical Trials
With as many as 5.7 million seniors currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease—a full 10% of the over-65 population—and that number likely to soar to as much as 14 million by the year 2050, the race is on as experts scramble… Read More
Family Caregivers
If you’re providing care for a senior relative, it is likely that you stumbled into the responsibility with virtually no formal training: you saw the requirement, and gallantly came forward to meet it. Yet, the Georgia home care professionals at… Read More
Coping with Alzheimer's
At an early age, we learn the tale of George Washington’s mishap with the cherry tree and the bold admittance to his parents, “I cannot tell a lie; I chopped down the cherry tree!” Truthfulness is embedded in our character,… Read More