Seniors and Technology
It doesn’t matter if you are trying to tune a guitar, learn a new language, or simply add cats’ ears to a selfie, there’s an app for that! And for older adults who opt to age in place, seniors and… Read More
Tips For Doctors Appt
On any given day, a doctor likely has close to 20 patients to see – in addition to telephone calls, paperwork, and other administrative duties. It leaves very little time spent with each individual, which is why it is imperative… Read More
caregiver help Atlanta, GA
“Of course Mom can move in with me!” Increasingly more family caregivers are making this noble choice each and every day, signifying the start of life style changes they can only fully understand when immersed in them. And even though… Read More
senior care Atlanta
The Alzheimer’s Association has issued its 2019 Facts and Figures Report, and with a full 5.8 million Americans presently diagnosed with the disease – and one out of every ten older individuals – it is important for all of us… Read More
Family Caregiver
Atlanta Home Care Partners, providers of caregiver help in Atlanta, GA and throughout the surrounding areas, remember when actor Rob Lowe brought caregiving into the public eye by discussing his experience of providing caregiver help for his mom and the… Read More
Aging Chronic Pain
Since the large population of baby boomers continue to age, and as our life span continues being extended, our understanding with regards to coping with chronic pain in seniors has evolved accordingly. Currently, more than 50% of those over age… Read More
Alzheimer's Clinical Trials
With as many as 5.7 million seniors currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease—a full 10% of the over-65 population—and that number likely to soar to as much as 14 million by the year 2050, the race is on as experts scramble… Read More