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Travel for Older Adults
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How to Help Manage Arthritis
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Older Adult Etiquette
Young man, honey, dear – terms of endearment such as these could be appreciated when said by our significant other or when directed to our very young children, but how do senior citizens respond to them? In a word, many… Read More
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Pick a senior, any senior, and you’re likely to hear the same sentiments: the vast majority of older adults agree that they’d prefer to spend their elder years at home over moving to a nursing home facility. However, there are… Read More
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Whenever finger pricks, sugar ranges, and insulin injections are on your mind, have faith, diabetics: the Food and Drug Administration has recently approved the first artificial pancreas – a hybrid closed-loop system that includes an insulin pump accompanied by a… Read More
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Anyone who has ever spent time with young children knows exactly what a treasure trove of creativity results from a box loaded with miscellaneous odds and ends. Popsicle sticks, buttons, clothes pins, and paper clips can be changed from their… Read More
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